Rahul Mehta,
I am brown, Indian with a little bit of accent. One time I was tired at the end of the day and my 1 year old wont stop being cranky and there was huge line at the Walmart checkout with just one checkout line open.I just politely asked the cashier why doesn’t her manager open more lines and she called the manager who then called he security and I was asked to get out without buying anything.

我是个棕皮肤的印度人,有一点点口音。 有一次我下班的时候很累,我一岁的孩子脾气一直很暴躁,当时沃尔玛结账处排起了长队,超市只开了一个结账台。我礼貌地问收银员,为什么她的经理不再开几个队,她打电话给了经理,经理叫来了保安。 我什么都没买,就被赶了出去。

Another time at Navy Pier, Chicago. There were some school children - probably some private school camp because everyone was in uniform and a 7–8 year old little girl called me brown dog at my face. I was so embarrassed. This is like 15 years back when I was relatively new to this country. I couldn’t believe what I heard. I couldn’t do anything because I didn’t know what I’d be accused for if I said anything to a child.

另一次是在芝加哥海军码头。 一些学校的孩子,可能是在参加一些私立学校的营地,因为每个人都穿着制服,一个七八岁的小女孩在我面前叫我棕狗。 我觉得很尴尬。 这大概是十五年前,我刚来这个国家的时候。 我简直不敢相信我听到了什么。我什么也做不了,因为我不知道如果我对一个孩子说了什么,我会被指控什么罪。

Another time in Bryn Mawr, about 5–6 years back I was getting out of my apartment complex and I opened the door to an elderly lady she just snubbed me saying - get out of here I hate Indians. Go back to the 3rd world where you came from.She didn’t give me a chance to explain to her what kind of third world I came from and what I am bringing to this country.

还有一次在布林莫尔,大约五六年前,我正要离开自己的公寓大楼,我给一位老太太开了门,她对我说: “滚开,我讨厌印度人。 回到你来的第三世界。” 她没有给我机会向她解释我来自什么样的第三世界,以及我给这个国家带来了什么贡献。

I could have asked the guy where he is originally from- but I did not want to offend a White guy. Isn’t America the melting pot where the best have settled and made it the best country. If I were White(or for that matter black) would someone have asked me this question - probably not - its so easy for White and black immigrants.

我本可以问这个家伙他是从哪里来的,但我不想冒犯一个白人。 难道美国不是一个大熔炉,在美国,最优秀的人才们定居下来,并使它成为最好的国家。 如果我是白人或者说黑人,会有人问我这个问题吗? 也许不会,对于白人和黑人移民来说,这个问题太容易了。

This is a beautiful country with many amazing opportunities but sadly a handful are bringing it down and our President is leading this pack!!There is racism everywhere, you just get used to of it and take it as part of your life.

这是一个美丽的国家,有许多惊人的机会,但可悲的是,少数人正在拖它的后腿,我们的总统正在领导这个群体! !种族主义无处不在,你需要习惯它,并把它作为你生活的一部分。

Four years later, the 13th Amendment was passed by legislation, and Section 1 states this:“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”Keep in mind the “except as a punishment for a crime” portion. Slavery is defined as labor done with no profit in return, which is still done in the prison industrial complex.

四年后,第十三修正案通过立法获得通过,其中第一节规定: “除了对当事人应被正式定罪的罪行惩罚外,奴隶制和强制劳役不得在合众国境内或任何受其管辖的地方存在。” 请记住“除非作为犯罪的惩罚”部分。 奴隶制被定义为没有利润回报的劳动,这种做法仍然存在于监狱中。

The prison industrial complex is where the government uses prisoners and over incarceration to benefit their economic and social problems. The more prisoners there are, the more free labor will be done and the more money and benefits will be made for the government—so, as a result, the US prison population is on an extreme increase.


However, did you know that 1 in 3 black men, on average, go to jail in their lifetime (compared to 1 in 17 white men)?And, did you know that 97% of prisoners have never gone on trial?And African Americans who have been convicted of murder are approximately seven times more likely to be innocent than white Americans.
As a result of all of this, we can see that black Americans are often wrongfully incarcerated for crimes that they didn’t commit.

然而,你知道吗,平均每三个黑人中就有一个,在他们的一生中进过监狱,相比之下,每十七个白人中才有一个? 而且,你知道97% 的犯人从来没有受过审判吗? 被判犯谋杀罪的非洲裔美国人是无辜的可能性,大约是美国白人的七倍。所有这一切的结果是,我们可以看到,美国黑人往往因为他们没有犯下的罪行而被错误地监禁。